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The benefits of freezing Chilli Peppers

I have tested many different varieties of chilli, and the ones I like are the ones that provide heat and flavour. Once properly stored and frozen, they will last several years, The main drawback of chillies is that they are much more susceptible to mould and bacteria than other vegetables. This is because chilli peppers are naturally acidic, meaning that they are extremely prone to cooling and drying out after consumption.

It is also important to remember that chillies do not have a very long shelf life. If you store them for too long, you will fall prey to bacterial growth, which will eventually spoil them. The best way to store fresh chilli peppers is to keep them in a container that can be kept in a cool, dry place.


1. Prepared Chillies

If you want to save yourself time and energy you might want to do some preparation before you freeze your chillies, you’ll thank yourself later. Simply cut off the stalks and remove any membrane along with the seeds. You can leave what’s left intact or you can chop into ‘fillets’ or smaller pieces.

Place the pieces on a metal baking tray and let them dry out slightly (you can put them in the freezer to speed u this process (don’t fully freeze them yet though). After half an hour, check the chillies and pick one to check if it is firm enough. if it’s firm then pop the chillies into suitable freezer bags. I’d recommend putting a a good size portion in each bag so that you only need to defrost enough for the meal you are making.


2. Whole Chillies

Another way to preserve chillies by freezing them is to put the whole chillies in a plastic container. Before freezing the chillies in whole, you need to make sure that the chillies are dry. If you grow your own plants and using no pesticides, there is no need to clean the chillies before storing.


4. Pre-Roasted Chillies

This is very similar to option one but you cant actually prep and then cook your chillies before freezing. As before remove the stalks, seeds and membranes but follow this up by seasoning the fillets of pepper to your taste and then popping them in the over to roast for up to 25-30 minutes (depending on the size and variety of pepper).

once cooked allow them to cool and then dry in the freezer for half an hour. Once they have firmed up you can pack them into porions in suitable freezer bags.

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2 comments on “How To Freeze Chillies

  1. Im in south east Saskatchewan canada winter is coming im debating whether to build a small greanhouse over my jalopeno,purple cayenne,5 color chinese and bells in the garden or to dig them and bring them in . Aclimating them to possible -40C temps with simple coverings would be great, but i really want them for next year instead of seed.

    1. Sadly most plants are going to struggle to aclimatise to -40C. Save yourself the frustration and get the greenhouse and try and keep your plants at around 16c and you should get a nice crop next year.

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